St. Michaels Hospital: The science of inspiration NAVAgating research

The Science of Inspiration NAVAgating Research

The idea of ventilating the critically ill has been around since 1543 when Andreas Vesalius proposed “That life may be restored to the animal, an opening must be attempted in the trunk of the trachea, into which a tube of reed or cane should be put; you will then blow into this, so that the lung may rise again and take air.” (1)

Ventilators have helped patients breathe more or less in this way for centuries—filling the lung by force with an amount of air determined by the caregiver.… Read the rest

Jennifer Beck

Year In Review (2015)

In 2015, there were 39 publications on PUBMED, including 24 original scientific papers, 4 case reports, 3 editorials, and 8 reviews.

Studies in adults

24-hrs evaluation of patient-ventilator interaction during NAVA vs. PSV

In 30 difficult to wean adult patients (mean duration of ventilation 33 days), Younis et al (BMC Anesthesiology) collected ventilator and physiological data over two 23-hr periods (either during NAVA or PSV), followed by a cross-over to the other mode.… Read the rest