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VentQuest.ca is an initiative by Drs Christer Sinderby and Jennifer Beck, to create a common place for discussions about neurally controlled mechanical ventilation.

Drs. Beck and Sinderby have made inventions related to neural control of mechanical ventilation that are patented. The license for these patents belongs to Maquet Critical Care. Future commercial uses of this technology may provide financial benefit to Drs. Beck and Sinderby through royalties.

Dr Beck and Dr Sinderby each own 50% of Neurovent Research Inc (NVR). NVR is a research and development company that builds the equipment and catheters for research studies. NVR has a consulting agreement with Maquet Critical Care.

NVR paid for the domain name of VentQuest.ca.

Contact info:
Dr. Christer Sinderby - sinderby@rogers.com
Dr. Jennifer Beck - jennifer.beck@rogers.com

NEUROVENT Research Inc.
56 Aberfoyle Cres Suite 700
Etobicoke, ON M8X2W4
Tel: 416-231-3216

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