Salle de l’hôpital St. Michael : anges dans l’Auditorium

Salle de l’hôpital St. Michael : anges dans l’auditorium
Salle de l’hôpital St. Michael : anges dans l’auditorium

Angels’ Den was a 200-person St. Michael’s Hospital event celebrating health research innovation. Our “Angels’ Den” event is a competition that rewards those experts who can best convey and excite a lay audience about their health research. A scientific competition determined our 10 finalists. Forty-three submissions were reviewed and pared to these 10 teams. The teams were each be awarded $50,000 for their sound proposals. Approximately $100,000 of additional funding were up for grabs June 1—determined by the jury of donors who made a specific contribution to this competition in order to have the privilege of being on the judges panel. The teams—all of which pair a clinician with a researcher—had three minutes to describe the health issue at hand, showcase their innovative project/product and clearly explain the need and potential impact. First prize is $40,000, with second and third prizes of $25,000. First and second prizes also come with additional funding to cover expenses to an invitation-only competition hosted in Calgary by the Global Healthcare Innovation Academy (W21C). There was also an Angels’ Choice Award of $5,000, so everyone’s vote was critical! More information »

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