Innovationen mit Ed Begley, Jr. Folge mit NAVA, einzigartigen Ansatz der Getinge zur Belüftung

Sehen Sie Innovationen Folge mit NAVA, Getinges einzigartigen Ansatz zur Belüftung

Eine aktuelle Folge von Innovationen mit Ed Begley Jr., einer preisgekrönten TV-Serie auf CNBC, featured NAVA, einen innovativen Ansatz zur Belüftung von Getinge entwickelt.

NAVA is controlled directly by the patient’s own neural control of breathing and is based on the electrical signal from the patient’s diaphragm.… Read the rest

Getinge - NAVA

NAVA: Belüftung, wo die eigenen Patientenatmungsantriebssteuerungen Timing und durch den Ventilator gelieferten unterstützen.

Personalized ventilation provides unique patient insight and ventilation capabilities. It consists of a diagnostic tool that helps you monitor diaphragm activity (Edi) on the ventilator screen and a ventilation mode (NAVA) that uses the diaphragm activity to deliver assist adapted to the patient.… Read the rest

St. Michaels Hospital: Die Wissenschaft der Inspiration surfend Forschung

Die Wissenschaft der Inspiration surfend Forschung

The idea of ventilating the critically ill has been around since 1543 when Andreas Vesalius proposed “That life may be restored to the animal, an opening must be attempted in the trunk of the trachea, into which a tube of reed or cane should be put; you will then blow into this, so that the lung may rise again and take air.” (1)

Ventilators have helped patients breathe more or less in this way for centuries—filling the lung by force with an amount of air determined by the caregiver.… Read the rest

Fortschritte in der personalisierten Lüftungstechnik auf Innovationen TV-Serie

Fortschritte in der personalisierten Lüftungstechnik auf Innovationen TV-Serie

Exploring recent developments in healthcare technology.

Jupiter, FL—The award-winning series, Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr., will educate audiences about recent advances in medical technology on an upcoming episode, scheduled to broadcast nationwide 2Q 2018. Check your local listings for more information.Read the rest