Global Healthcare Innovation Academy (GHIA) 2016

GHIA 2016 Sieger: LifeVest - Jennifer Beck-Douglas Campbell
GHIA 2016 Sieger: LifeVest Jennifer Beck-Douglas Campbell

A global scientific and business pitch competition for health innovation.

The best innovations in health and healthcare from Switzerland, Hong Kong and Canada – each top of the class at their local events – came together in Calgary, Alberta to compete in a two-day event.

Exploring the theme of Create. Build. Grow., Day 1 featured the Scientific Pitches of 14 competitors, and only 6 moved on to compete in the Day 2 Business Pitches.

Global Health Innovation Academy 2016 Winners

Erster Platz - Wird das 21. Jahrhunderts (Einheit 36) Award of Excellence
LifeVest, Eastern Canada
Dr. Jennifer Beck
Dr. Douglas Campbell

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GHIA 2016 Wissenschaft-Stellplätze: Trachea-Through-Flow - Christer Sinderby, Laurent Brochard

GHIA 2016 Wissenschaft Stellplätze: Trachea-Durchfluss

Dr. Christer Sinderby und Dr. Laurent Brochard ...
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GHIA 2016 Winners - Helping Babies Breathe: LifeVest - Dr. Jennifer Beck and Dr. Douglas Campbell

St. Michaels-Krankenhaus Nachrichten: LifeVest wurde geboren Babys zu helfen

LifeVest, eine Technologie wird in der St. Michael-Krankenhaus entwickelt Neugeborenen zu helfen, atmen, gewann die Global Healthcare Innovation Academy ...
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